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NextCloud - Advanced Research Computing (ARC)

From the ARC website:

We are a free service supporting the high-performance computing and data management needs of UBC researchers. Our experienced, dedicated team provides consultation, expertise, and access to cyberinfrastructure.

ARC has indicated that they plan to set up a NextCloud server service. This will be free to use for UBC researchers and will provide cloud storage, with an interface similar to offerings like Dropbox. You can get a free demo of the interface here. There have not been further comments on storage quotas or a timeline, but we are confident that we will not see this being implemented in the near future.

TeamShare for Research Data

There was a meeting planned by TeamShare management to discuss a new service, which would provide segment Teamshare into two services, with one dedicated to research data and the other for smaller files and documents. This probably would be done to cater to the different use cases more appropriately and to lower costs. However, the meeting was postponed indefinitely and we have not yet heard back from them since. Contact Jeffrey LeDue if you wish to be kept updated on the status of this proposed service.


While the Dataverse core development team at Harvard has added a file hierarchy preservation feature to their latest version, the team at Scholar’s Portal have yet to incorporate this update into their deployment, which they will probably do in the later future.

Open Science Framework CWL Integration

UBC will soon be an OSF Institution, which will enable CWL authentication into OSF. The university will also have its own unique OSF URL as well as a landing page to increase visibility of public projects associated with UBC.

Cloud Innovation Center (CIC)

AWS has announced the launch of a CIC at UBC, which is slated to open in early 2020. Its theme is “Community Health and Wellbeing”. From their website:

[CIC] provides UBC students, staff, and faculty access to cloud technology to advance projects, along with employing Amazon’s innovation processes.

Read more about it here.