API:Application Programming Interface
ARC:Advanced Research Computing
AWS:Amazon Web Services
BIDS:Brain Imaging Data Structure
CARL:Canadian Association of Research Libraries
CC:Compute Canada or Creative Commons
CD:Continuous Delivery
CI:Continuous Integration
CIHR:Canadian Institutes of Health Research
CLI:Command Line Interface
CONP:Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform
COS:Center for Open Science
CWL:Campus Wide Login
DMCBH:Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health
DMP:Data Management Plan
DOI:Digital Object Identifier
EAD:Enterprise Active Directory
FRDR:Federated Research Data Repository
GCP:Google Cloud Platform
GUI:Graphical User Interface
MINI:Minimum Information about a Neuroscience Investigation
NAS:Network Attached Storage
NSERC:Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
OSF:Open Science Framework
PI:Principal Investigator
RAC:Resource Allocation Competitions
RAS:Rapid Access Service
SCP:Secure Copy Protocol
SDK:Software Development Kit
SFTP / FTP:Secure File Transfer Protocol / File Transfer Protocol
SSD:Solid State Drive
SSH:Secure SHell
SSHRC:Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
VCS:Version Control System
VPN:Virtual Private Network