Terms and Definitions

Metadata +
“data about data“. Research data file metadata includes elements such as title, file format, language, creator, and date
Data format +
a particular way of encoding information within a computer file so that it can be recognized by an application
Data Management Plan (DMP) +
a document you create that sets out how you will organize, store and share your research data at each stage in your project
Data pipeline -
a collection of processes and systems for organizing the data, computations, and workflows used by a research group as they jointly perform complex sequences of data acquisition, processing, and analysis
(Scientific) Workflow @
the description of a process for accomplishing a scientific objective, usually expressed in terms of tasks and their dependencies. Typically, scientific workflow tasks are computational steps for scientific simulations or data analysis steps.
Raw data *
data directly obtained from the instrument, simulation, or survey
Processed data *
result from some manipulation of the raw data in order to eliminate errors or outliers, to prepare the data for analysis, to derive new variables, or to de-identify the human participants
Analyzed data *
results of qualitative, statistical, or mathematical analysis of the processed data. They can be presented as graphs, charts, or statistical tables.
Final data *
processed data that have, if needed, been converted into a preservation-friendly format
Embargo x

a formal request by an author to restrict access to documents or data for a specified period of time where the data contains:

  • Sensitive information and/or names that cannot be released at the time of publication
  • Cases that could be identified, even if anonymised
  • Confidential government statistics
  • Information relevant to current court cases
  • Information subject to copyright or other intellectual property restrictions

+ As defined by the UBC Library

- As defined by DataJoint

@ As defined in the document Scientific Workflows by the UC Davis Genome Center

* As defined in the University of British Columbia Generic Template within the Portage DMP Assistant

x As defined in the Research Data Management: Publication page of the Curtin University Library website