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Compute Canada

Compute Canada is a provider of Advanced Research Computing infrastructure, including systems, storage and software. Their regional partner is WestGrid [see below], which provides additional resources. Compute Canada provides heterogeneous, general purpose clusters and Clouds that allow researchers to access resources such as CPU and GPU time, software, as well as different storage systems. A list of the available national systems is found here.


You can apply for a Compute Canada account following this documentation


  • If you are a PI, please create an account as other lab members must be sponsored under your account.
  • If you are a lab member, contact your PI for their Compute Canada Role Identifier (CCRI) so that you can complete your application. Your PI must then confirm your role for your account to be created.


WestGrid is Compute Canada’s regional partner in Western Canada and provides resources shared between universities in the region.


  1. Apply for a Compute Canada account [see above]. It must be active before you can proceed to the next step.
  2. Log in to CCDB. Click on My Account then on Apply for a Consortium Account. Finally, click on the Apply button for WestGrid and follow the instructions on screen.


There is a wealth of documentation provided by Compute Canada and WestGrid that should serve to fill in any gaps left by these docs.


Alder is the DMCBH cluster. It has a total of 288 cores and 1920 GB of RAM with the following configuration:

  • 2 x 32 core nodes with 512 GB of RAM (16 GB per CPU)
  • 7 x 32 core nodes with 128 GB of RAM (4 GB per CPU).

It has 512 TB of scratch storage. It is not purged but is not backed up. It should be used only for jobs and not for storage or backup purposes.


To obtain an account on Alder, your PI must sponsor you and send an account request to ``_. You must be affiliated with the cluster to apply for an account.