Logging in remotely via SSH

Linux and MacOS

Test availability of ssh by entering the following command:

$ ssh -V

You should see something like

OpenSSH_7.9p1, OpenSSL 1.1.1a  20 Nov 2018

Log into the remote computer

$ ssh <username>@<remote computer>

With <username> replaced with your username on <remote computer> Input your password and press enter.



$ ssh <username>@alder.arc.ubc.ca

Compute Canada Clusters

# cedar (SFU)
$ ssh <username>@cedar.computecanada.ca

# graham (U Waterloo)
$ ssh <username>@graham.computecanada.ca

# beluga (ETS Montreal)
$ ssh <username>@beluga.computecanada.ca


A. Using Git Bash

Download and install Git Bash (Highly Recommended). Once you have it set up, you can use the same process as in the previous section.

B. Using PuTTY

Download and install the latest version of PuTTY from here

Open up PuTTY. Under the Session section, set the Host Name to the appropriate server e.g. alder.arc.ubc.ca, cedar.computecanada.ca, and so on.


Click on Open. This should open up a terminal. Input your login credentials. If the login is successful, you should see something like this: