Loading Software

Working with Modules

On Alder and Compute Canada Systems, a list of all available modules can be obtained by running:

$ module spider

To see detailed information about a module, run:

$ module whatis <module name>

To load a module, for instance a module called python, run:

$ module load python

To see a list of modules you have loaded, run:

$ module list

See also: List of software available on Compute Canada

Bash Configuration

If you are working in Bash, you can configure your account to automatically load the modules you need each time you log in.

1) Loading modules

Add to your $HOME/.bashrc file (on the remote computer) bash commands you want to execute when you log in. For loading some modules, for instance, there is the following example:

module load python
module load machinelearning
module load hdf5

2) Ensure .bashrc is run when you log in

Create a file called $HOME/.bash_profile (on the remote computer) the following:

if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
    . ~/.bashrc;